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English Express has the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world. We take pride in exceeding their expectations and ensuring that every student that we trained develop a valuable language skill they could use to further meet their company’s objectives.

We are only as good as the reputation of our students and work diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our students always come first.

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Upper Intermediate Group Class
Upper Intermediate Group Class

Students from Korea Tourism College 2016

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What our students say

Kyaw Ye Naing
I am very happy studying in this class. Only that some of the topic is quite challenging.

Tang Gui May
The class is good and there are always many exercises to do.

Yuki Ng Lai Poh
The course has improved my writing skill and grammar.

Ng Bee Ling
Quite fun and the number of students is just nice for the class.
A lot of sharing ideas i.e. writing letters and I receive feedbacks on how well I write.
At last I am now more confident to write better

Nov Intermediate Term 1 Class
Lisseth Morales
My experience studying with English Express is very good. I really enjoyed the environment, the book is good and it is interactive workbook. The class was funny and comfortable.

Yu Chen
It is enjoyable to attend English class here.

Sep Intermediate Term 1 Class
Rocky Liu
It is easy to learn English for me. Quality is good. Improve my grammar and the teacher is very humble

Ee Teck Su
It was great to take the course, it has given us a chance to learn and improve our English. The trainer had put effort to this course and give everyone a chance to practice to speak in class.

Moh Kah Yee
Great! I have improved after I attended the course and the trainer is very friendly

Erica Chang
I felt that I have improved a lot and this level is very suitable for me. Thanks a lot!

Sep Intermediate Term 2 Class
Coming to the lessons is joyous as I correct the way I speak. What I have improved was on my grammar, vocabulary and importantly, how to use the words in a correct manner. Without guidance, I would not know my mistake I made. The teacher, Joon has taught me alot and of course the students here are very patient. We hear each other thoughts and ask questions that comes to our mind. As we do not want to forget our questions we intercept and the teacher is fine and explains well to ensure we understand and correct us. In a way, I find every lessons is productive and meaningful.
Swee Ming
I am very happy to learn in the class
Ler Pei Bin
The class consists of 4 parts, which are listening, practicing, grammar and writing. During the class, the trainer will also correct your pronunciation, that is helpful to help you remember the correct pronunciation immediately.
Student (China)
Yetta Teoh
I have improved after I attended this course.

Loh Wing Choon
I think we need more lessons per week. At least twice per week.

Tan Sook Pin
I like the learning environment so much, there are many conversation time and sometime we play some play in the class. Maybe can teach more conversation topic? Phoebe is really friendly and helpful. Thanks Phoebe!

Aug Group Class
Carol Xing
I had improved my grammar in this course. The teacher is nice and really help us to improve our English. We also have homework after the course. It's good for us to review what we have learned in the day.

Caroline Chok
I enjoy going to the class and I will recommend others to study in English Express

July Group Class
For this 9 classes. I have learned a lot during the course. But if it is ok, please focus on the English grammar. That will be great! Teacher is quite funny, try to do some examples for us. If she still teaches us on next level. Yes, I will like to sign up again!

Mok Kah Yee
I have improved and enjoyed the learning environment. The teacher is very friendly. Thank you!

July Group Class
我觉得课本很好. 我学到很多单字和句子. cd 很实用,但我顺常听. 因在能有机会再回来上课. 感谢 English Express 协助 ( 介绍) 我找住宿的地方。我希望能再来学习。
Amy Chen
I highly recommend the Business English course. Relevant for working adult and the small class size is an advantage too.
Michael Peh
Logistic (Local)
This is Keith Yeo here, I just graduated from IB, with 44 points, and I wanted to my trainer Jacqueline. Earlier on, I really had trouble grasping literature. It was very foreign to me - poetry, plays and novel, the whole lot. I couldn't glean meanings from the text. I couldn't appreciate the construction of the work. I needed help and realized I had to be taught, and she taught me very comprehensively. It is no exaggeration to say she had built the foundation of my literature as a subject, something which has underscored how I look at any text, and how I analyze it. So thank you, that foundation has been instrumental in achieving the 7 for language and lit in my IB results. Actually, more than the results, it was the deep seated appreciation for the subject that she planted in me. It was at first amusing to see that she actually enjoyed the subject, then it was puzzling, and later it was really worth respecting. Through her I have gained an interest in literature, particularly poetry which I still pursue, though seldom write. It is easy to teach technical aspects of literature, the hyperboles, alliteration, hypophoras, anaphoras, rhyme and even meter. But to instill a liking, and dare I say love? That is more than difficult. I believe such an appreciation is crucial to the holistic development of any person, just for him to even be a person. Therefore, thank you, for helping me with my grades. 44 are not the best grade, but it is certainly good enough and I am thankful for what she has taught me to achieve that. Though really, it is more than the grades that I'm grateful to her for.
Keith Yeo
International Baccalaureate
I am a Malaysian and work in the banking sector. It is important to speak proper English especially when meeting a client it is important that you are able to come across as professional with a good spoken English. The course that I took equipped me with sufficient grammar knowledge, the class has plenty of practice due to the small class size. I have a very good experience learning with English Express.
Vivian Liew
Banking and Finance (Malaysian)
Kate Law
Enjoy the small group environment. The trainer is nice and always make sure everyone understand. I enjoy the lessons. Sara yin I do enjoy every Thursday here in the past 2 months. The trainer is patient. And the course is helpful for my daily work. I am glad that I chose English Express 2 months ago.

Sara yin
I do enjoy every Thursday here in the past 2 months. The trainer is patient. And the course is helpful for my daily work. I am glad that I chose English Express 2 months ago.

April Group Class
I would like to thank everyone at English Express.  I studied with English Express for 8 0 hours, the time spent over there gave me a chance to improve on my English. I have an understanding trainer who is able to work around my time and is always keen and enthusiastic. English was tough for me but it is easy learning with English Express
Brian Lee
Creative Director (Indonesian)
我和 Jac老师学习英文,她的教法很好,使我的英文音凖改进,句子调整,和应用对的方式正確,人很细心,耐心教㝵。进步的空间很快。谢谢老师。
Looi Aye Bee
Fitness Instructor (Malaysian)
I studied with English Express for a period of 6 months. I decided on the school because of its no frill, straight forward approach. Class size is also small and I get plenty of practice with my classmates. The location in Chinatown is also very convenient for me. I would highly recommend this course!
Alex Lim
Sales Manager (Local)
She has provided me with a wealth of literary knowledge during my time with her, and even assisted me for my H1 GP studies although that was not the subject I engaged her for. Jacq is a dedicated and positive tutor - I owe the improvement in my grade - from E at prelims in Year 1 to A at A levels - to her. Also, I found our lessons very engaging and enjoyed my lessons with her very much!
Shi Min
Local student