Can you master the English language?


If you really want to, I believe you can!

Why am I comfortable to say that? Because learning a language is not rocket science. But consistency is key. You need to work consistently towards your goal.

And to sustain that effort, you need to be motivated.


What motivates you to reach for the sky?

Everyone has different reasons for learning English. Some common motivations of our students are:

  • To be more professional. When your e-mails, presentations and reports are in crisp English, it makes anyone who reads them view you as more professional and competent.
  • Specific professional reasons. Even if you are completely confident in speaking English with friends, using the right tone in business communication can be a challenge.
  • To open up opportunities. Speaking English well, and the confidence that comes with it, can open the door to new opportunities.
  • Personal reasons. Some of our students have just settled in Singapore, and feel that if they improve their English, it will be easier to make friends and truly make Singapore their new home.

Personally, I was motivated to speak good English because of the huge business opportunities. As an Indonesian Chinese, I never learned the language until I left my country to study abroad.

Share your motivation with us!

When you sign up for a English course with us, I’d love to hear about your motivation and goals. Knowing what makes you tick will help us to help you be more effective. And you may find out that your classmates are like-minded!

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