Common Mistakes Of English Learners

Many English learners fail in reaching their true potential in English fluency. Some just quits the course, many does not do follow ups and lose interest and some doesn’t even know the reasons why they fail.

In this post, we will discuss about the common mistakes of English language learners. Here you will understand that these mistakes can easily be avoided and can actually have practical benefits on your general attitude towards life aside from just learning English.


1. Negative Attitude On Learning

Understandably, studying can be overwhelming sometimes. Quite frankly, majority of us see studying as something that we are obligated to do. And that is exactly the problem. Your approach in learning should be positive. You have to like what you do. That way you will enjoy learning, just like you enjoy learning a musical instrument. We always look forward to the things we like to do right?

2. Wrong Method Of Learning

We all have differences. And it is also true in learning. Different people have different learning styles that they prefer. Some learn more quickly with certain teaching method  and some does not. Me, for example, I learn faster in practical and interactive teaching methods than academic methods. Try various methods of learning and find out which is best for you.

3. Impatience

Being impatient does not help at all. Often times, tasks or work that is rushed are of low quality or poor work. Just like in learning English, you have to take it slow and try to master one level at a time. Focus first on the fundamentals and build your English skill foundation with it. Remember, good things comes to those who wait.

4. Lack Of Practice

    We hear it all the time. Practice makes perfect. That is because it’s effective. In order for you to improve, you have to use what you learn constantly. Think of it like basketball. Basketball players practice shooting the ball to the hoops everyday! Soon it will become muscle memory for them. There is no difference in language learning. Use it all the time and you’ll develop faster sentence construction and confidence in conversation.

5. Lack Of Motivation

This is a very common mistake among English learners or any other language out there. If you lack motivation, then you’re more likely to quit soon. Motivation is your reason why you are learning a second language. So make sure that your reason should be solid. Whether it’s for your career advancement or just personal. Whatever it is, just continuously find inspiration to keep on learning. Anyway, you will not lose anything, in fact,  you’ll gain something – a betterment of yourself.

So, there you go. Those are some of the common mistakes of English learners today. I’m sure most of you have encountered some, if not all of the mistakes above. That is normal, don’t worry. What’s more important is how you handle it. And one important advise, find a reputable English language school. There is no faster way to learn than being taught by an experienced English trainer. Good luck!