English Excellence II

In a previous blog, we discussed the various verb past tenses – simple past, continuous past, past perfect and past perfect continuous – and the verb forms required for each. A chart laid them out in logical order. If you missed it, you can see it here

Below are exercises to test your understanding of how to use those tenses. For guidance on the answers, see the verb chart.    

In the form provided below, express the correct past simple or past continuous tense. 

Click here to do the test in a form.

In the spaces provided, express the correct past simple or past continuous tense.
1. I __________ (sit) in a café when you _________ (call).
2. When you __________ (arrive) at the party, who __________ (be) there?
3. Susie __________ (watch) a film when she __________ (hear) the noise.
4. Yesterday I __________ (go) to the library, then I __________ (have) a swim, and later I __________ (meet)
Julie for coffee.
5. We __________ (play) tennis when John __________ (hurt) his ankle.
6. What __________ (they, do) at 10 pm last night? It was really noisy.
7. He __________ (take) a shower when the phone __________ (ring).
8. He __________ (be) in the shower when the phone _________ (ring).
9. When I _________ (walk) into the room, everyone _________ (work).
10. It __________ (be) a day last September. The sun __________ (shine) and the birds __________ (sing). I
__________ (walk) down the street when I _________ (meet) and old friend.

In the spaces provided, express the correct past perfect simple or past perfect continuous tense.

1. He __________ (not, be) to Cape Town before his visit in 2015.
2. She __________ (sleep) for ten hours when I woke her.
3. When she went out to play she __________ (do, already) her homework.
4. When we met, you __________ (work) at that company for six months.
5. We __________ (go) together for three years when we decided to got married.
6. The doctor took off the plaster that he __________ (put on) six weeks before.
7. The children collected the chestnuts that _________ (fall) from the tree.
8. I __________ (look) for my keys for hours when Jason finally found them.
9. The passengers were angry because the airline __________ their bags.
10. She _________ (not, ride) a horse before that day in September.