So, you know how to speak a little english but are keen to improving your language skill? There are a number of ways to learn english effectively and that does not stop there. By continuing to study the language and culture behind it will give you a better understanding of the English language.

Each of us have different styles of learning a new language. Some are visual, some auditory and some prefers a hands-on approach. It’s better that you determine which learning style you are most likely to learn english effectively. Once you have figured out which style you are comfortable with you will see some improvements already.

With that being said, we have gathered some tips (that you’ll enjoy) on how to improve your english skills. Now, these may not work with everyone but it is definitely worth the try. And don’t worry about your time being wasted, it will be fun.


 1. Relax, watch a movie!

Ever heard this saying before? With thousands of english films available in the internet you will not have any problem finding one that strikes your fancy. Whether it’s a love story or an action film as long as it is in english I am sure you will learn something in it. You might even forget you are actually learning english! Grab your popcorn now!

2. Learn some jokes. 

Surprise your friends by cracking a silly joke in your parties. Humor is very important in understanding a culture. You can learn some jokes by watching stand up comedians and other websites. Being able to understand humor in a foreign language gives you a better appreciation of the word plays and analysis of its culture. You will also improve your tone and vocabulary with some slang words you have not heard before.

3. Do some Karaoke

Now, knowing how to speak english and how to sing is a very different thing. Although it is not necessary that you have a voice like Mariah Carey or Michael Buble, It will help if you at least know how to sing along with the lyrics. This will improve your vocabulary, rhythm and intonation. Plus words are easier to remember when paired with melodies. So, rock it out!

4.  Travel

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and effective way of practicing your english language skills. It sure is quite expensive but absolutely rewarding and unforgettable. English is widely spoken all over the world but we suggest to visit countries that are native english speakers to maximize your learning experience.

5. Read…a lot.

Read everything. That’s it. Read anything you can grab your hands to. Books, magazine, newspapers, articles, blogs, facebook posts, twitter, shampoo bottles, etc. There are many reading materials out there. And don’t just read with your eyes and mind, read it loudly so you can hear yourself speak. That way you will better understand each word and it will be easier to observe your tone and pronunciation.

At English Express and other Crystal Learning language schools, we see language, first of all, as a tool.

Every small improvement makes a difference immediately. You may never be perfect, and that’s ok. Even native speakers make mistakes. But as you become more confident in your ability to communicate in English, you’ll see the benefits.

We strongly believe that confidence is built through doing. That’s why our teachers will always encourage you to take the next step. Speak out, and try to speak out faster.

Practice and application are more important. To improve your conversational skills in English, you need to “do more” and “understand less”. That’s why we focus on practical topics that you can apply at the office the next day.

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