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shutterstock_103838993English is an important part of life and work in Singapore. If you are a professional, you may be very good at your job, but still not good at English. You may worry about communicating with your fellow workers, your manager or people visiting your company from abroad. Your English needs to be good enough to conduct presentations, to write e-mails and to have conversations.

Even if your job does not require English, you probably still want to be able to communicate with Westerners. How will you know if your accent is good? Do your sentences make sense? The only way to know is to learn from a trusted teacher.

You need an English language school in Singapore that you can depend on. You need a school that you can trust to improve your English. At English Express, we carefully select the right syllabus suitable for adults. We set a age limit so that our group class has the right mix and a common objective is achievable.

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