Learn English with these Apps and Online Tools

learn-english-appsWhy learn English? There are dozens of reasons you should learn how to communicate well in English. Apart from the fact that it can help with your career, it can offer you many practical benefits, as well. For instance, you can enjoy the latest books and movies without waiting for them to be translated to your native language. It will also be much easier for you to access and understand the latest news and information on the Internet.

True, learning English as a second language may be difficult at first. However, all of your efforts will surely be worth it. And to help you in this endeavour, there are a number of apps and online tools that you can use to improve your ability to communicate in English.


Rosetta Stone

Available on Android and iOS, Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular apps that can help you learn the English language. What makes it unique from other language apps is that it teaches you English with English.

Usually, an English app teaches you English with the explanations being in your native language. For example, if you’re Chinese, you’ll see Chinese translations of English words or Chinese explanations of English grammar. But with Rosetta Stone, there are exercises that can help you learn many new English words and phrases without using your native tongue.


MindSnacks is an iOS English app that is fun and easy to use. It utilises games to help you learn to speak English instead of the usual word lists that you are required to study. What’s great about this app is that the games are diverse and not repetitive unlike in other language apps.


Available for free on Android and iOS, MemRise is similar to MindSnacks because its focus is to help you learn English words. The difference between the two, however, is that MemRise doesn’t use games to help improve your English vocabulary. What it does is use creative and funny ways to help you learn what English words mean. After all, if you find something funny, it’s very likely that you’ll remember it better.

free-flat-digital-marketing-vector-backgroundOnline Tools

Learn English Online (www.learn-english-online.org)

Learn English Online provides free learning resources designed to help improve your English language skills. There are 11 useful language units for beginners and each of these units contain five lessons with text, picture examples, assignments, and tests.


MES English (www.mes-english.com)

MES English is primarily designed for English teachers. However, this free online tool provides excellent learning resources for English learners, as well. It features a wide range of resources, including worksheets, flashcards, videos, and games, that can be a big help for those who want to learn English in their free time.

Activities for ESL Students (www.a4esl.org)

Activities for ESL students offer English learners tests, quizzes, and puzzles that will help supplement the lessons they’ve learned from their English language school. They also have podcasts, videos, and games. All of these learning resources are suitable for both beginners and those with intermediate English grammar and vocabulary.