My greatest Challenges when learning English


What’s most difficult about learning English? Most English learners will name one of two things: (1) the grammar, or (2) vocabulary and writing.

But I only see one major challenge: getting enough exercise.

Do you understand why a bicycle can stay upright when someone is riding it?

I’m not able to explain it to you. But through trial and error, I’ve learned to cycle nonetheless.

When I stop thinking and start doing, I learn much faster.

Once you master the basics, the only way is forward!

When I started learning English, I didn’t think of it this way. I spent a lot of time with books, trying to learn to read. It got me nowhere.

Then I joined a conversational English class with a firm foundation in teaching me grammar. A few weeks later, I could have conversations with someone and for once, they actually understand me. The class really turned things around for me.

And when you fall down, we will be there to pick you up, and encourage you to keep going.

This approach has worked well for me, and I believe it will do wonders for you, too.

Happy learning!

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