On Learning English: Why You Mustn’t Study On Your Own

Mastering the English languages gives you a lot of advantages. It makes travelling more fun and much easier. It also gives you access to many entertainment options as many of the best books ever written and films ever made are in English. You don’t have to wait until they are translated to your native language in order for you to enjoy them. And most importantly, learning English and being fluent in it enables you to easily understand various data and information that can help improve your career and personal life.


To learn English, you can either enrol in an English class or study it on your own. Although some people will tell you that you can learn the language by yourself, which can be attractive because you don’t have to spend money on English lessons, many language experts believe that it is still better to study any language with the help of qualified instructors. Here’s why.

Enjoy a guided path to learning

The key to learning English successfully, they say, is to know when you make a mistake. For a non-native speaker, it can be easy to make mistakes with English because of its illogical and inconsistent grammar rules and seemingly strange spelling. In fact, even native English speakers themselves are sometimes confused by their own language and are prone to making simple mistakes like mixing up the usage of words such as “than” and “then,” “it’s and “its,” and “there,” “their,” and “they’re.”

While you may be able to build your vocabulary and improve your grammar by reading books or watching English tutorials on YouTube, it is actually a lot more challenging than it looks. But if you take English lessons in a classroom setting, qualified teachers can focus your efforts towards a particular direction. They can correct the mistakes you are frequently making so you won’t have to repeat them again. More importantly, they can help you better understand the language and provide you with explanations on grammar rules that are difficult to comprehend on your own.

Get more exposure

Being frequently exposed to the language you want to learn is one way to improve your understanding and fluency of that language. This is why you should take English lessons instead of studying on your own. It is much easier to expand your vocabulary if you’re constantly exposed to a wide range of English words. Also, in a typical English language class, you will meet different people you can practise with. Apart from your instructor, your classmates can give you lots of opportunities to hone your English communication skills.

Save time

Learning English, or any language for that matter, by yourself is doable. However, it takes a lot of time, patience, and effort on your part. If you neither have the time nor patience to go through it, it would surely take long before you can reach your goal.

On the other hand, learning English under the tutelage of a qualified teacher is much quicker. It is also more motivating because there’s someone to guide you and push you to do your best.