At this day, almost everyone knows that studying English is always beneficial in one way or another. English is also known as the “language of opportunity”.  And many would agree to that.

If you are one of many that are still thinking of a second language to learn, let me help convince you. Here’s a short list why you should learn English :

1. English will give you the advantage

English allows you to effectively communicate in many different countries. It creates opportunities that are not open to non-english speakers. Employment possibilities will greatly improve if you know how to speak a certain level of English. As many international businesses are looking to expand overseas so as the need to employ people who can speak English.

2. English gives you access to broader knowledge

You can enrich your knowledge through thousands of books, articles, magazines and vast amount of webpages in the internet that are mostly written in English. If you know how to read and write in English, it will be easier for you to educate yourself with  different cases, topics and researches on the internet.

3. English is a must if you want to study in the best institutions of the world

Most of the top universities and Institutions require fluent english skills. So, if your goal is to study in one of these schools, you’ll need to equip yourself with proficient english skills. Being able to enter this types of institutions will give tremendous benefits for your future.

4. English will give you confidence

Speaking english fluently will do wonders in your life. Many english learners have shared how learning the language helped them in improving their self-esteem. Being able to converse with native english speakers enable them to share their thoughts freely thus developing their social skills even more.

5. English is inevitable

Whether you like it or not, english is here to stay. English is everywhere. From your shampoo bottle to airports everywhere. There is no hiding from it. English is spoken in more countries than any other language that the possibility of encountering it is ultra high. That being said, it may be a no brainer to study the language, right?

To sum it up, learning english is the best you could do in your spare time. It is a challenge with no risks at all. You will gain many while you won’t lose any.

Do not limit yourself by thinking English is hard to learn. It is understandable for non-english speakers to think that way but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it’s that easy right?

But don’t worry, english won’t bite, it is ok to make mistakes. In fact, in english, the more mistakes you make the faster you will learn. Remember there is a saying, failure is the mother of success. You learn from your mistakes, get through hardships and reap the rewards later.

At English Express and other Crystal Learning language schools, we see language, first of all, as a tool.

Every small improvement makes a difference immediately. You may never be perfect, and that’s ok. Even native speakers make mistakes. But as you become more confident in your ability to communicate in English, you’ll see the benefits.

We strongly believe that confidence is built through doing. That’s why our teachers will always encourage you to take the next step. Speak out, and try to speak out faster.

Practice and application are more important. To improve your conversational skills in English, you need to “do more” and “understand less”. That’s why we focus on practical topics that you can apply at the office the next day.

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