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As seen on: Learn English online. Study in the comfort of your own home with an English native speaker. English Express is registered with Ministry of Education in Singapore. Intensive 1-on-1 Learning In our 60-minute private online English classes students are able to learn intensively with a private teacher in our virtual classroom. Designed with flexibility in mind, for students wh...
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Qualities of a good English Language School For Adults in Singapore

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Qualities of a good English Language School For Adults in Singapore As an adult, many of us finds it hard to learn a new language. But many still works hard to learn a new one. And one of these in demand second language is English. Singapore is a multi-cultural country that harbors different nationalities. Although English is one of Singapore's four official language, majority of the populatio...
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Why Should You Learn English

Why Should You Learn English At this day, almost everyone knows that studying English is always beneficial in one way or another. English is also known as the "language of opportunity".  And many would agree to that. If you are one of many that are still thinking of a second language to learn, let me help convince you. Here's a short list why you should learn English : 1. English will give you ...
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English learning without paying

English learning without paying Have you been wanting to learn English but short on budget? If your goal is just to learn the basics of English or just looking to practice english for simple conversations, there are countless ways you could try. Here are some tips that could help: Newspapers - I would assume that you have a certain level of english reading skills. I remember when I was ...
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Understanding Idioms. An Important Part of English Learning

Understanding Idioms. An Important Part of English Learning  Even if you studied English for some time, you will encounter some expressions that may not be familiar to you. You suddenly find yourself lost or confused on their meaning. These are called idioms. Idioms are expressions used in figurative manner or sense. To simply put it, it is just a bunch of words that means differently than the...
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Interesting English Language Facts And Trivia

Interesting English Language Facts And Trivias The English language is the most studied second language in the world. It is widely used all around the world. Mainly for trade and commerce, world organizations official language and writing in general. English is spoken by millions yet it is the only major language in the world that doesn't have a language academy overseeing it. In spite of that...
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TOO OLD TO LEARN ENGLISH Do you feel discouraged? Embarrassed? Or doubtful? And asking yourself am I too old to learn English? Well, the answer is NO. It is never too late to learn English. Or any other language for that matter. Language learning has no age limit. While it is true that studying English from a young age has its advantage, it is not impossible to learn English even if you are alre...
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Common Mistakes Of English Learners

COMMON MISTAKES OF ENGLISH LEARNERS Many English learners fail in reaching their true potential in English fluency. Some just quits the course, many does not do follow ups and lose interest and some doesn't even know the reasons why they fail. In this post, we will discuss about the common mistakes of English language learners. Here you will understand that these mistakes can easily be avoided a...
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5 ESSENTIAL APPS IN LEARNING ENGLISH Convenience is what we all look for in everything. With today's mobile device technologies in smart phones, tablets and laptops, english learners can find tools to make their learning experience easier and faster. Although, I do not believe these tools can ever replace the effectiveness of a professional english language trainer, but these will definitely g...
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FUN TIPS ON HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH So, you know how to speak a little english but are keen to improving your language skill? There are a number of ways to learn english effectively and that does not stop there. By continuing to study the language and culture behind it will give you a better understanding of the English language. Each of us have different styles of learning a new language....
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