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shutterstock_143539189If you have studied and used English for even a little while, you probably understand just how challenging the language can be. It takes years to feel comfortable communicating with others – especially people who are native speakers. However, with enough study and the right kind of practice, it is possible to improve your English significantly, especially for business situations.

At English Express, we are focused on getting the maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible. We understand that you only have so much time to study, and that you want to get the most out of this time. If you are looking to take your English to the next level, send us an enquiry on the right to find out more about the Business Communication Course today.

This course is designed for people who currently speak English, but want to improve their ability to better communicate in business and social settings. We especially focus on presentation skills.



  • Fresh graduates
  • Sales professionals
  • Customer service executives
The Benefits
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Small class sizes

We limit this course to 5 people per class. This is so we can give you the most thorough instruction we can. With such a small class, we can focus on you as an individual, and tailor the instruction to your current ability and your language goals. You will have plenty of one-on-one interaction with the instructor to better your language abilities as quickly as possible.

Designed for your schedule

We understand that many of you are professionals. This is why the course is offered in two work-friendly options. One option is to take the course as a workshop over 2-3 days, with 8 hours of instruction per day. The other option will be to take night classes for 2-3 hours per day for 8-12 days in a row. Whichever you choose, you will have ongoing immersion in the course material, ensuring maximum retention.


This course includes approximately 24 hours of total instruction. This ensures you will gain the full benefit of English immersion that you need to up your language skills. You should come out of the course with hours of instruction and practice in the areas that matter to you most.

Course Outline
The course is designed in modules, so you can choose to take the modules that you are most interested in. The modules will include:

Presentation skills

This course heavily emphasises presentation skills. Why? Because strong presentation skills are a great foundation for career advancement. If you are clear and convincing in formal presentations, it will allow you to show the best side of yourself. Whether you are presenting to your peers, superiors or (potential) clients.

Besides that, when you master these skills, you’ll find yourself owning a “secret weapon” that you can use throughout the day. Whether you need to convince someone through the phone or present a new idea to your boss’ boss when you meet her in the lift. No matter how good you are at your work, polished presentation skills can give what you do an extra shine and get it noticed.

Effective business communication

Depending on the situation, certain ways of communicating are more effective than others. How is a customer service call handled differently from a sales call? How can you sound professional when addressing different audiences under different circumstances?


Is grammar important? When you do a formal presentation and your PowerPoint slides have glaring mistakes, it can damage your credibility, no matter how charismatic you are. That’s why we cover how to avoid common mistakes and use English correctly.

Proprietary course materials

Course materials have been designed specifically for this course.

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