Course Outline

shutterstock_132528413On this page, you will find the course outline of our English courses, all of which have been designed to deepen your understanding of the English language and business related skills. We use a modular approach to learning English – You will learn what you is important and useful to you. Our  objective is to improve your English in the most efficient and customised approach.

Basic English


For adults professional learners who are interested to

  • Improve their business communication skills
  • Develop fluency and accuracy in the language in a business environment
  • Build up and extend existing vocabulary


  • Clear Directed Teaching
  • Learn grammar, vocabulary and other functions necessary to become operational in the workplace
  • Materials adapted from authentic real life resources to reflect learner’s needs and expectations

Level 1 - Pre-intermediate
Learning Objectives in this unit:


  • Talking about what companies do
  • Talking about your company using the present simple
  • Making polite requests
  • Introducing yourself and others
Level 2 - Pre-intermediate
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Level 3 - Intermediate
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Level 4 - Intermediate
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Business English