Between you and I, the food here is bad.

Is the sentence correct?

If your answer is “yes”, you need to attend the grammar course.

Grammar Foundation

How you use language in your everyday interaction with people will definitely influence the way they perceive you. Of course, effectively relating to people goes beyond having good grammar. However, for better or worse, many still consider a solid grasp of grammar a cornerstone of effective communication. To this end, Crystal Learning has put together a course designed specifically to meet the needs of Asian language learners grappling with linguistic issues such as English tenses, parts of speech and language use in context.

Our experienced trainer will take you through a series of interactive activities to help you learn how sentences should be structured and understand why different contexts matter. Through this course, you will increase your knowledge of grammar as well as gain confidence to speak and write better in English.

The correct grammar for the above should be
“Just between you and me, the food here is bad.”

Who should attend?

Learners like you who are keen on taking your knowledge of grammar to the next level for more polished communication.


  • Expand your knowledge of language use in context
  • Develop skills to revise and proofread your own work
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes and language faux pas

Learning Objectives

  • Revise parts of speech as a framework for discussing language
  • Revisit question forms, their structures and uses; and
  • Develop your understanding of tenses, verbs, nouns, prepositions and articles

Course Outline

  • Time: 2 hours/lesson
  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Frequency: Once per week
  • Course Fee: S$450.00
  • Location: Crystal Learning Centre

Is this course right for you?

  • Completely online
  • No personal interactions or calls
  • Quick 15 – 20 mins test
  • Get your result immediately
  • No obligations

Note: You also have the option to receive daily emails to help you get results and stay motivated

PLUS these bonuses as a welcoming gift:

  • Grammar book
  • Better emails book