Distinguish Yourself

Speak and write world class business English, taught by world class business managers

Not your common English course.

No other course in Singapore has these objectives or delivers these benefits

Make an impact with every word

Give power and colour to your spoken and written business English beyond your expectations.

Training doesn't end after class

Get help with job-related projects, proposals and presentations.

Enter a new paradigm of training

Understand the mechanics of cognition, build new neural pathways and implement our in-house developed learning techniques.

Equip yourself for life

Acquire lifelong learning processes for continuous improvement after completing the course.

Write with a purpose, using words that accurately describe what you want to communicate

Designed by business people, for business people

Taught by George Kane, an American senior business manager deeply experienced in communicating with all ranks of staff and executives globally – in business English, which is not the same as academically oriented English.

Academic English seeks simple accuracy in grammar, sentence construction, imagery and other aspects of the language. Business English goes beyond those and prizes clarity, succinctness, precision, impact through vivid and descriptive words, and focused business objective.
George KaneFormer CEO, Providence Solutions Pte. Ltd. Graduate, University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League School

We’ve got you covered

As needed, to prepare for advanced business English instruction, we offer comprehensive instruction in the fundamentals – grammar, vocabulary, idiom, diction, sentence and paragraph structure, presentation skills – all custom-designed to the individual needs of the working adult student.

We’ve got your managers covered

You will further your business objectives when your managers have the confidence to speak openly with confidence and their ideas are conveyed more clearly and succinctly for greater impact. Be perceived apart from your competitors when your managers use eloquence to distinguish your organisation.

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