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There are several ways to express what you mean, for example, through gestures, words and even sounds. Yet in many languages, the latter two are closely related in the form of pronunciation, primarily when it comes to spoken language.

Although without fixed tones like Chinese and Thai, English generally has established pronunciation across the English-speaking world. Indeed, mispronouncing words can make a world of difference. For instance, if you shorten the vowel sound in ‘sheet’, what you will end up saying is something else that is possibly offensive. The same is true of not pronouncing the ‘th’ sound in ‘thanks’ – your listener may wonder why you suddenly switched to talking about military vehicles.

In this course, you will be introduced to the phonetics of English and how its sounds are essentially the ‘building blocks’ of word pronunciation. In addition, you will gain greater familiarity with not just the more common vowel and consonant sounds, but with those of diphthongs as well. Along the way, you will learn about word and sentence stress, and discover how this works with intonation to create meaning

Who should attend?

Students with difficulty in pronunciation.

Course Duration

10 – 60 hours


In this programme, you will learn

  • Sounds. Exercises to help you to practice all the sounds that we use in English
  • Connected speech. Exercises that help you to pronounce words in phrases and sentences correctly
  • Intonation and sentence stress. Exercises to help you to practice different kinds of intonation and sentence stress patterns
  • Word focus. Helps you to study group of words where there are problems with sounds and word stress.

Is this course right for you?

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  • Quick 15 – 20 mins test
  • Get your result immediately
  • No obligations

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PLUS these bonuses as a welcoming gift:

  • Grammar book
  • Better emails book