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English Tuition Singapore for Kids

As you may already know, English tuition in Singapore is a necessity now more than ever. With stricter qualifications of educational institutions today, we all want our children to be as prepared as much as possible.

If you want your child to do good academically or at least keep up with other children, you should then consider enrolling him/her to a good English tuition class.

We know there are a lot of English tuition centres in Singapore and we understand how hard it is to choose which one’s right for your kid.

Here are few points to look out for when choosing the best English tuition centre for your kid:

1. Class size – A smaller class size ensures that your kid get to experience effective English tuition. Your kid will get more quality attention and learn more quickly. That ultimately saves your hard earned money in the long run.

2. Tutors – Experienced tutors will be more effective in teaching because they understand that every kid has different styles of learning. They have the ability to recognize it almost immediately and adjusts accordingly to effectively convey the lessons in a manner that the child can quickly understand.

3. The Tuition Centre’s Background – A good tuition centre knows each child has specific needs, different levels of proficiency and learning goals. Your kid should be assessed first to see which style of teaching can provide better results. Aside from that, it is also important that the English tuition centre teaches in a safe and conducive learning environment that only uses teaching materials that are relevant and up to date.

Once you’ve learned those 3 points you’ll know which one’s right for your kid.

With that, English Express highly recommends English First. Where your child is their responsibility.

English First is an English tuition centre for kids that offers lower primary and secondary English tuition, PSLE English tuition and GCE O-Level English tuition in Singapore.

English First is also the newest part of a series of language schools under the care of Crystal Learning. Along side with some of the most trusted language schools in Singapore namely Chinese First, Hana Korean, English Express, Yi Mandarin and IndoSlang in which all offer small class sizes. So you know your child is in good hands.

English First’s teachers are highly experienced tutors and are already prepared for the recent changes in the MOE syllabus. Perhaps you’re not aware of the change in the syllabus too. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That is also true with other tuition centres that are still using outdated learning resources, materials and especially new approaches to teaching. So, if you believe your kid deserves the best help he can get, English First is your best choice.

Want to know more about English First? Visit their website here.