My Name __ Richard Smith.

I’m from __.

__ company is Microsoft.

Person 1: __ are you?

Person 2: Very well, thanks.

BMW __ cars.

We __ three factories.

Person 1: Do you work for an English company?

Person 2: No, I __. It’s French

Person 1: __ you spell that, please?

Person 2: Sure. It’s A-L-A-N.

There __ four international airports near London.

A: __ you like coffee?

B: Yes, please

I deal __ customers every day.

Can we __ a meeting?

Our products are __ than our competitor’s.

We need to __ a solution to this problem.

What __ on at the moment?

How do you __ about that idea?

The plane leaves from __ eighteen.

I have a __ schedule this week.

She’s __ you an email.

I’m __, but she’s not here today.

When __ the company?

Can I __ an order for 30 chairs?

First of all, I __ you a little about me.

English __  all over the world.

Did you __ the deadline?

I __  him here recently.

The new system __ me focus on more important jobs

This website isn’t as easy to use __ the other one.

I’II call you back as soon as I __ something.

You __ press this button. It’s dangerous.

Your visitor __ for over an hour. He’s in your room now.

The two companies plan to form a joint __.

If we changed the colour, we __ more.

When they have finished making the first __ , we can do some tests on it.

He __ to leave the company by his boss.

I’m surprised he’s late. He’s normally so __.

Hello, Alison, I __ the office actually. Can I call you back tomorrow?

__ the delays with the trains, we all still arrived on time.

My favourite perk in my job is __ .

James is away, __ ?

I seem to have run __ of money. Can you lend me some?

If you don’t like this idea, then come __ with something better.

__ speak to them about our idea earlier today?

Our most __ customer has been with us for over 25 years.

Do you know what time __?

Let’s __ up a list of action points.

We have very __ information about you. Tell us about yourself.

We’ve looked at the history, so now let’s __ to our current activities.

Many women feel that they hit a glass __ on the corporate ladder.

Today, we need to __ on a date for the launch and promotion.

What they are asking is __ ridiculous.

There’s a real __ in the market for this kind of service, I think.

Shirley is very calm and down to __.

The pros definitely __ the cons.

I think you should broaden your __ and look for a new job.

If you __ I’m sure you would have got the job.

Am I getting my point __ clearly enough?

There isn’t a __of purpose to the meeting.

Let me __ you in on some of the background.

It’s difficult to __ what the reaction might be to this proposal

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