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English Express is proud to be a language school of choice. We have provided fun and engaging English lessons for corporations such as Cartus, Daimler, Caterpillars and etc. These students of ours develop valuable language skills and are able to use them effectively to fulfill their companies’ objectives.

But don’t take it from us – hear from our students below!

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This is Keith Yeo here, I just graduated from IB, with 44 points, and I wanted my trainer Jacqueline. Earlier on, I really had trouble grasping literature. It was very foreign to me – poetry, plays and novels, the whole lot. I couldn’t glean meanings from the text. I couldn’t appreciate the construction of the work.

I needed help, and realized I had to be taught, and she taught me very comprehensively. It is no exaggeration to say she had built the foundation of my literature as a subject, something which has underscored how I look at any text, and how I analyze it. So thank you, that foundation has been instrumental in achieving the 7 for language and lit in my IB results. Actually, more than the results, it was the deep seated appreciation for the subject that she planted in me. It was at first amusing to see that she actually enjoyed the subject, then it was puzzling, and later it was really worth respecting. Through her I have gained an interest in literature, particularly poetry, which I still pursue, though seldom write. It is easy to teach technical aspects of literature, the hyperboles, alliteration, hypophoras, anaphoras, rhyme and even meter. But to instill a liking, and dare I say love? That is more than difficult. I believe such an appreciation is crucial to the holistic development of any person, just for him to even be a person. Therefore, thank you for helping me with my grades. 44 is not the best grade, but it is certainly good enough, and I am thankful for what she has taught me so I could achieve that. Though really, it is more than the grades that I’m grateful to her for.

-Keith Yeo

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