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In business and elsewhere, everything you do and say sends a message. You cannot avoid communicating. People form an opinion of you within seconds based on how you’re dressed and how you write, speak, sit, walk and gesture.

Folks spend lavishly on clothes to communicate to their business or social environments that they are beautiful, successful or smart, and then write incorrect English. Pop, the image is destroyed.

In virtually any work environment, speaking and writing English very well are conspicuous, and are universally recognized skills that communicate competence, confidence and intelligence. It’s especially true in international companies and with people from different countries and cultures. Achieving them is not easy, but it can be done with practice and knowledge, and we’re here to help you.

Make an impact with every word

We all stand to benefit from more effective communication skills, be it in our workplace or personal lives. Communicating what you wish to say clearly and precisely across various platforms – including emails, presentations, interviews and meetings – will enhanced your professional image and help you achieve your career and personal goals

Training doesn't end because there isn't a class

Buy credits to get help with job-related projects, proposals and presentations.

Enter a new paradigm of training

Understand the mechanics of cognition, build new neural pathways and implement our in-house developed learning techniques.

Equip yourself for life

Acquire critical writing skills after a couple of weeks into the program

An on-point learning experience.

A professional writing program for someone who doesn’t have the time to sit through a course.

Have someone directly review your work, tell you where your mistakes are and how to write better.

Why makes us different from others

Free Grammarly & Pro Grammarly

BASIC – Improving the written material

Solely improving the item as written without getting into rules of grammar or punctuation, various verb forms or similar detail, or how the student can learn to improve his writing ability.

Other guided writing courses in the market

INTERMEDIATE – Explaining why an error is incorrect and how to correct it.

Explaining why the use of a verb, an article, a pronoun or other word is incorrect and how to make it right, without getting into the larger issue of instruction on how to use verbs, pronouns etc. or how to write better in general.

Our Program

ADVANCED – Instruction on how to improve writing ability

Instruction on how to write for the international workplace – how to write sentences and paragraphs, how to correct grammar, expanding vocabulary, how to organize proposals and presentations, how to write excellent emails and more.

Distinguish yourself and your organisation with world class English

Your work reviewed by business people, for business people

Taught by George Kane, an American senior business manager deeply experienced in communicating with all ranks of staff and executives globally – in business English, which is not the same as academically oriented English.

Academic English seeks simple accuracy in grammar, sentence construction, imagery and other aspects of the language. Business English goes beyond those and prizes clarity, succinctness, precision, impact through vivid and descriptive words, and focused business objective.
George Kane, Former CEO, Providence Solutions Pte. Ltd. Graduate, University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League School

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