Convenience is what we all look for in everything. With today’s mobile device technologies in smart phones, tablets and laptops, english learners can find tools to make their learning experience easier and faster.

Although, I do not believe these tools can ever replace the effectiveness of a professional english language trainer, but these will definitely give the convenience that you are looking for and help with your improvement.

I have found some apps in learning english on the internet that I think would help you in your journey to english language mastership. Check these apps and decide for yourself:




This is an app that focuses on your vocabulary. With four different approaches – sound and picture recognition, spelling and fill in the blanks. Users of this app is also allowed to personalize their english learning goals and monitor their progress too. If your keen on expanding your english vocabulary, then you should try this app.

Learn English Grammar (UK.ed)

It is an interactive app that is designed to focus improvement on your english grammar. It covers all levels of english learners and comprises 12 grammar topics with 20 activities per topic to learn. If you want to sharpen your grammar skills, this app is for you.

Hello English

It is believed to be ranked number 1 free educational app and the best free app to learn english. With wide range of spoken english to choose as your base language it is clearly chosen by most asian nationalities and other non-native english speaking countries. This app covers spoken english, grammar and vocabulary building.

English Conversation Practice

If you are having a hard time finding someone to practice english conversation with, then you should definitely check this app. It features over 200 english conversation lessons including listening exercises, conversation practice and recording tool so you can hear how you sound and track your progress. You know what they always say, practice makes perfect!


This app is one of the most recommended apps for english learners and teachers. This app allows you to record and compare your speech with a native english speaker. With the use of video and speech recognition software, it will test your speaking skills and give immediate response on how well you pronounced your english words. This app will definitely challenge you to better yourself every time.

So, there you go. These are the 5 essential apps in learning english that will help you reach your english proficiency goals. There are plenty of apps out there, try first and see which helps you more. Anyway, the greatest thing about it is they’re free! Good luck!