Corporate English Training

At English Express, we offer corporate English training to help corporations improve the English skills of their employees. Doing business effectively in Singapore requires a certain level of English language skills.

The better your English, the more opportunities are available. This is true on an individual level, but it is even more true on a corporate level. Corporations that have staff skilled in English are simply more competitive.




who employ foreign waiters – Service is best when the staff can communicate effectively with customers. Restaurants that want to attract the most customers must have wait staff that can speak English to patrons, including discussing the menu, making small talk, and checking on the satisfaction of the patron.

Call Centers

The work of call center employees is all about verbal communication. When customers call the center and they speak English, there is no excuse for employees not to be able to communicate. With proper training, you can have your call center employees speaking better English and have happier customers as a result.

Customer Service

Any customer service employee in Singapore should know how to communicate in English. There are simply too many potential customers that will want to speak English. If the employee can not understand the customer, unnecessary problems can arise and it can impact business negatively.


For a manager or a store or branch to advance in his or her career, English language skills are very important. With proper English training, these individuals can go to the next level in their careers and can handle their management duties more effectively.

Course Outline

Courses Customized for Your Needs

The needs of each industry are different, something we understand at English Express. This is why we begin with an initial consultation to understand what your particular corporation needs. Once we have a grasp of what English skills you need your employees to learn, we will then create a customized course to teach these skills. We will incorporate your company goals and our expertise in English instruction to create the most effective course we can.

There is no doubt about the importance of English language abilities in today’s business world. Contact English Express today to get started on improving the English of your employees, and the competitiveness of your business as a whole.

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