Corporate English Training

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Further your business objectives when your staff have the confidence to speak openly with confidence and their ideas are conveyed more clearly and succinctly for greater impact.

What makes our lessons work?


Small group classes


Tailored courses available


Employees can also join groups at their level while we monitor their progress via weekly progress tests and reports.


We are easy to work with!

Workplace literacy and numeracy (WPLN) prep course

Reduce your worker levy by achieving WPLN level 4

English course for executives

Our business English course helps build the English skills your specific staff member needs, whether it’s speaking skills, written communication, or presentation skills.

Private English lessons

Get one-on-one training in whichever area you need. 

Basic English Course

The Beginner English course equips Chinese workers in Singapore with English conversational skills to help them integrate into Singapore and perform better at work.

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