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My name is Candy Lee, Centre Manager of English Express. We also run a Bahasa Indonesia School and a Chinese Language School. Originally from Surabaya, Indonesia, I first studied English formally in Australia and after graduation, I came to Singapore to find work and have settled here ever since. As a non-native English speaker and having learned English as a second language myself, I understand that it can be quite challenging.

That’s why, for you to learn English in Singapore effectively, we have developed a tried and tested teaching method that will empower even complete beginners to use English in their daily lives. In a lot of ways, English is one of the least forgiving languages to pick up as a "non-native". Yet, one is expected to know, master and utilise the international language of commerce in many parts of the world, even though it may not be our preferred language of choice. Many learners have struggled with illogical grammar rules, the seemingly strange spelling and inconsistent grammar. For example, why is there no ham in hamburger and there are also no pine nor apple in pineapple! Learning English in Singapore is a very personal journey and here, at English Express, we strive to support you in every way we can. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!

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Right after graduating from NUS with flying colours, Gerard worked in the Ministry of Education on national examination matters. He created subject syllabuses, developed assessment instruments for linguistics evaluation, and provided consultancy on assessment matters. He went on to take on private sector challenges and became a public relations consultant conceptualising communication strategies for leading consumer brands like Fujitsu, DHL, etc.

With corporate communications experience under his belt, Gerard returned to the public sector and served as media and communication manager for National Arts Council and Civil Service College. For the past 2 years, Gerard had discovered his passion for teaching; English language and communication training. He started conducted pro bono tuition in his church and went on further to attain the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), a programme awarded and recognised by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA). With over 10 years of experience in corporate communications, Gerard is an exceptional communicator with a flair for writing and presentation skills. He has also proven to have impressive instructional capabilities.

George Kane from America is a former CEO of an Asia Pacific software distribution company, having studied in one of the prestigious Ivy League University he is an accomplished professional in this field. His business had brought him all over Asia, and he had stationed in Singapore for many years. He had experienced many cultural settings with MNC’s for decades. He has first-hand knowledge of all forms of business communication including persuasive formal proposals and negotiations for corporate boards, prospective customers, C level executives, technical staff, business partners. Teaching is his passion and he decided to retire from the business world to pursue this interest. He is accustomed to coaching for pronunciation, speech flow and vocabulary to persons with severe accents from China, India, Japan, other countries. With his experience in management, he have worked with all levels of personnel in Asia, from CEO’s to factory hands His approach is meticulous – in sentence construction, grammar, clarity, succinctness, flow and focus on objective in composing carefully reasoned and impactful messages. He is sensitive to cultivating relationships through written communication for achieving specific objectives.
George KaneUniversity of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League School
Taking her love for the English language to greater heights, Cheryl embarked on a Diploma in TESOL and passed all four modules with distinctions. She has since taught conversational and business English in Singapore and overseas (Thailand and Indonesia) to Thai, China, Nepali, Malaysian and Indonesian children and young adults. An advocate of ‘active learning’, Cheryl brings the classroom to life through interactive classroom activities and by turning her extensive working experience into real-life examples that learners can easily relate to. She prides herself on being able to establish rapport with her students through initiatives that celebrate and embrace their differences, thus fostering not just global but culturally-inclusive classrooms. A keen linguist, Cheryl speaks and writes fluent English and Malay, and conversational Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese and Thai. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and learning new languages.
Cheryl MeyerBachelor of Business, Southern Cross University, Australia
Jonathan Brown from America is an accomplished professional with experience in instructional delivery, e-Learning, and program management experience. He has a proven track record of success in leadership training, and language delivery. Starting out as a franchise development trainer, he provided consultancy services to new start-ups. He designed and delivered ad-hoc training and leadership courses and performance support materials. He first came to Singapore in 2007 to work as a English language teacher for post secondary and adult learners. With his previous knowledge and experience, he also helped to designed and developed teacher resources and assessment materials for English lessons. He went on to teach English to special needs kids and even developed learning materials for Dyslexia Association of Singapore. He is highly organized individual with good interpersonal skills, including presenting, collaborative decision-making, running effective campaigns, negotiating, and strong communication skills, (written and verbal). Seasoned, astute, and results-oriented professional. Adept at developing and implementing a comprehensive set of operational procedures. Skilled at identifying new opportunities to streamline the process and enhance overall performance. Articulate communicator with a naturally personable attitude, capable of establishing connections with diverse individuals.
Jonathan BrownClemson University – Clemson SC, USA
British­ born and having grown up between England and France, Frances has developed a passion for languages from a young age. After spending two years teaching English to Spanish children in London she moved to France where she started up her own English language school and taught a wide range of different students, from primary school students to business directors as well as national education teachers. With 5 years’ experience teaching English as a foreign language in London, Germany and Bordeaux in the south west region of France, she has largely varied teaching experience. During her time as an independent English language teacher in France, she developed all her own materials and lessons with a communicative approach and is used to tailoring each lesson to her students’ specific needs and expectations regardless of their mother tongue, age or level.
​Frances Attenborough ­JonesBA Hons in Events Management with French, Greenwich University, London