Do you feel discouraged? Embarrassed? Or doubtful? And asking yourself am I too old to learn English? Well, the answer is NO.

It is never too late to learn English. Or any other language for that matter. Language learning has no age limit. While it is true that studying English from a young age has its advantage, it is not impossible to learn English even if you are already an adult.


There are numerous English language schools in Singapore that offers English courses for adults. But not all of them are reputable and experienced. You should be careful in choosing which one to attend to. Research and know the school first before enrolling in their English classes.

Many English language schools provide lessons that are more academic rather than practical. This is more appropriate for younger students since its generally theoretical at first. You should choose a school that offers practical and interactive lessons and utilizes fun and varied teaching methods. This way you will learn faster.

Adults tend to think that they won’t be able to learn English quickly. But that’s not true. An adult’s brain is more developed than a teenager’s. You are wiser. You are more disciplined. So, why would you think that way? Majority of the adult english learners thought of that initially but are surprised how quickly they learn to speak english.

Being embarrassed is normal, especially if you make a mistake. But making mistake is a part of life. Everyone can be wrong too. Be easy on yourself. Accept it as a reality and do something about it. English learning is a process. It is normal to experience wrong grammars and pronunciation but it is important that you improve on that.

English language learning should be progressive. Learners must gradually improve in a span of time. This is best done through different english courses offered by your chosen English training school. These english courses are designed to the general English learning needs of the clients. But few exceptional schools offer personalized lessons, private or group classes that are tailored to your english proficiency level.

There are many benefits that you can get in learning a new language. In fact, studies show that learning a second language like english greatly helps in improving your brain health through slowing down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, your cognitive ability, memory retention, stimulates overall brain activity and more. Not to mention endless opportunities and betterment of your social life.

So, even if you are an adult, you don’t need to worry. Learning English can be easy. Just find an established and respectable English learning school that understands your needs and are willing to take the time to discuss your goals with them and make sure to recommend the best english course that you’ll benefit from the most.