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We offer private English lessons for individuals or companies that want to get one-on-one instruction. You may only have a small amount of time, or you may want to focus only on a specific area.

For businesses, it may make more sense to provide extra support to personnel through private classes. There are many reasons to choose this option. At English Express, we are ready to help in whatever way we can.


Our Private Classes are designed with flexibility in mind, for students who are unable to commit to a strict learning schedule e.g. frequent flyers or busy corporate clients. You will be assigned dedicated trainers who will help to plan and keep track of the learning schedules, and classes.

The Benefits


Benefits for Advanced Learners

You may be quite proficient in everyday English, but you still need to improve in certain areas. Learning an industry specific vocabulary or a certain set of English skills can be accomplished most quickly through private lessons. You tell us what you need to learn and we will build a curriculum around those needs. This ensures that you get the most out of your lessons, and are able to gain the skills you truly need.

Benefits for Businesses

As a company, you may have employees that are valuable to your organization – yet their English skills are not where they need to be. With private lessons, you can address the weaknesses in employee English ability quickly and efficiently. This can improve your employees and your business as a whole.

Top Level English Education

Private English lessons are the top level of English education. When you choose this option, you will pay for a certain number of hours to get exactly what you need. You decide what the subject matter will be and when you will learn, while we build a curriculum based on what you request and a needs assessment at the beginning of the process.

Course Outline

Course Customised to your needs

The needs of every individual are different, since our private English lesson is fully customisable. The trainer assigned to you will design an appropriate lesson plan based on your needs and requirement

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