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You pay less levy for higher-skilled migrant workers

WPLN Course: Prepare your staff for the WPLN exam

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Invest in your workers to improve your business.
– Employees with a better command of English make a better impression on customers, are more productive, cause fewer misunderstandings and have lower churn.


Reduced worker’s levy

Just the reduction in migrant worker levy will make the investment worthwhile. 

Potential savings of up to 30 – 40% percent of worker’s levy if you convert them from basic skill to higher-skilled worker.

What is Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN)?

WPL is a standardised test created by SkillsFuture Singapore in partnership with the British Council to certify rank and file workers in Singapore in English language skills.

There are eight English language proficiency levels in the WPL series starting from beginner (Level 1) to proficient use of the language (Level 8).  

Should you go for WPLN test?

Suppose you want to attend any WSQ (Workforce Skills Qualifications) programs to “level” up yourself and you do not have an O-level certificate, then a WPLN cert is a  requirement for most programs offered by WSQ.

However, if you wish to sign up for a private university program such as those offered by Kaplan or  SIM, an IELTS certificate might be a better option.

It is also important to know that the WPLN cert itself is not useful if you don’t intent to go for another course. The cert also carries a validity of 2 years. So only get it if you need it immediately.

Why English Express?

Our small class sizes are unique. Others (Training Vision / NTUC) often have classes with 20 or more students in their class. We limit class sizes to 8.

Very few of our students start with absolutely zero knowledge of English. Each student has their own areas of strength and weakness that need focus.

With small classes, our English trainers can help your employees focus with the areas they need to master, so they can make more progress with fewer hours of study.

Our small class sizes give your staff a better learning experience and you get the benefit of minimising absentee hours.

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