A lingua franca is a language or dialect systematically used to make communication possible between people who do not share a native language. To simply put it is a bridge language, trade language or a common language.

English is the most widely learned second language and the official language of many world international organizations like the United Nations. Estimates today indicates that there are more than a billion people are learning English all over the globe.


Learning English as a second language is very important nowadays. In fact many countries now argues if it should be included in the school curriculum as early as the elementary level. The reason for this is globalization. There is a growing need to be competent internationally, that is why people need to use a lingua franca which is more than likely to be english.

While it is true that learning to speak english is important, understanding the culture behind it is essential to bridging the gap between other culture groups. Every culture or language is unique and should be learned with respect. Learning a language is more than a tool, it is a connection that links people and other cultures.

The importance of cultural background knowledge in English language learning is often neglected by some educational institutions. Merely learning english just by mastering pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. This will not be as helpful in the future. It will only give way to more cultural misunderstandings or conflicts.  It is necessary for learners to develop their awareness of cultural background knowledge to overcome cultural miscommunications and conflicts.

The English language is evolving continuously. As it is with other languages. Culture plays an important part in the development of a language. We need to adapt to these changes as we go along. And the best way to do this is through human connection. English enables us to connect to more people than ever before. As it opens up countless opportunities professionally, socially and culturally.

Through English as a shared language, we develop deep relationships with other cultures and countries. We can learn new ideas and share important informations with each other. Being a common language for travel, commerce and technology, English gives many benefits to the advancement of businesses and societies.

To sum it up, we understand that cultural diversity is what makes us unique and interesting. We all know that differences will always be there, whether we like it or not. But through english (with cultural background knowledge) as a lingua franca, a neutral language can be used as a bridge to connect people and other nations for boundless opportunities and friendships.

Now we know, there is no avoiding english. Learn english now and discover your true potential and profound satisfaction in connecting with other people.

At English Express and other Crystal Learning language schools, we see language, first of all, as a tool.

Every small improvement makes a difference immediately. You may never be perfect, and that’s ok. Even native speakers make mistakes. But as you become more confident in your ability to communicate in English, you’ll see the benefits.

We strongly believe that confidence is built through doing. That’s why our teachers will always encourage you to take the next step. Speak out, and try to speak out faster.

Practice and application are more important. To improve your conversational skills in English, you need to “do more” and “understand less”. That’s why we focus on practical topics that you can apply at the office the next day.

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