Interesting Cultural Differences That Will Leave You Surprised

Interesting Cultural Differences That Will Leave You Surprised

Asia is the biggest continent in the world and living in a country with billions of foreign national, we sometimes tend to get curious and interested about the way they dress, the way they live upon their beliefs or about their way of expressing their personality that sometimes shocked us. It’s just interesting that our culture differences are also the reason of our unity and learning.

Cultural differences can also bring us to visit places just to see and experience things you haven’t experience before. But sometimes, it can also cause conflicts that will still be fascinating and livelier to be curious and interested in. Let us take a look and somewhat discover how it differs from the rest.


Asia and UK

Asia and UK are way different, especially with its culture and beliefs. In Europe generally, individualism or the principle of being independent in thought and actions especially for British and other Europeans. Succeeding for them is important especially when they use their own perspectives to achieve their goals, because that is their own personal way to motivate themselves.

Asians, on the other hand are the type of persons that gather opinions from friends of family, or they tend to seek approval from others before they decide or think for themselves first. Asian’s are addressed with such a collective personalities that make them a part of a group or community.

Asia and US

Being upfront about their feelings is the addressed personalities of Americans; they are strong individually, just like the British and other Europeans. They are very proud of their achievements; They will tell everyone and celebrate their victory, it may be small or long-term goals.

On the other hand, Asians are known about their humility when it comes to talking about their achievements and goals in life and sometimes they would tend to be quiet and not to talk about them, because they don’t want to have the ability to offend others about bragging their achievement, they just let their success spread aside their words.

However, they have something in common: It is about their want to have a high regard for education. Thus they still differ about this aspect because most Asians require their children to study and be educated by high and ranked school, whereas Americans would just encourage their children to do well and finish their studies in their best way possible.

Asia and Australia

With their laid-back and easy-going personalities, Australians doesn’t make it a big deal if they made an mistake, whether it regards their Education or Career. Just like American who believe in learning and does not think too much about their mistakes.

Asians are nearly their opposite with those matter, they tend to take thing seriously. Asians will have a hard time accepting their mistakes because they have a strong self-awareness, that sometimes take their mistake personally, especially losing a match that makes them feel like a fool or a failure.

Australians, on the other hand have greater fluidity and more positive outlook between people especially at home or on their career. While Asians, values their hierarchy of authority. They respect the highest person may it be at home or in their career and they stick to their decision and obeys rules frequently.