Living in Singapore as an Expat: How to Keep Yourself Entertained

Modern, clean, environmentally friendly, and safe, Singapore is a great country to live in for expats from different parts of the globe. It is a major draw for foreigners because not only it has strategic geographical location, it also has booming financial and commodities industries and offers excellent education and great quality of life. English is also Singapore’s official language so getting around the country is easy if you come from an English-speaking nation. But if not, you can always learn how to speak English fluently


As an expat, perhaps one of your biggest concerns is how you will entertain yourself once you move to the Lion City. Don’t worry because Singapore offers some of the best entertainment there is. It is known for being one of the most cosmopolitan places on Earth and with good reason. Here are some of the places you can visit in Singapore if you want to enjoy yourself.

1. For fans of the great outdoors

Singapore is smack-dab in the middle of what many would consider to be the most luxurious beaches and resorts in the world. If you want to enjoy a day at the beach, you can visit Sentosa, where the best stretches of beaches are found. If you want, you can also visit neighbouring Malaysia or Indonesia. If you want to just enjoy the air outside, you can visit East Coast Park, a popular spot for families on weekends. You can ride bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards with the kids, or go windsurfing and cable skiing. The dog-friendly Botanic Gardens is also popular amongst expats and locals alike.

2. For those looking for some rest and relaxation

If you just want to pamper yourself after a long day, there are many places in Singapore where you can get some much needed R&R. Many hotels and spas offer day spa packages, beauty treatments, and relaxation massages. In fact, spa facilities in the country have a reputation for being clean and well-maintained. They are also known for offering excellent services.

3. For the film buffs

Watching movies is a national pastime in Singapore so there isn’t any lack of good place to watch a good movie. In fact, you can catch the latest blockbuster in one of the plush, state of the art cinemas scattered across the city. There are also cinemas that organise movie marathons on weekends.

4. For foodies

Singapore is heaven for foodies. From hawker stalls to fancy restaurants, you can find a great place to satisfy your craving for any kind of food, be it local dishes, Asian food, or international cuisine. And when the sun goes down, the city’s numerous pubs and bars go to life. As such, be sure to practise English for beginners so you can get around easily and enjoy the city’s culinary masterpieces.