United Kingdom’s Cultural Differences with Australia, the United States and Asia

If you want to move to the United Kingdom, there are a number of things you must do apart from finding ways to learn English. It is also important that you understand the local people, their customs and traditions and what makes them “them.” While they may speak the same language as those in the United States, Australia, and other English-speaking nations, there are certainly many things that make them unique. Whether you want to travel to the UK for a short visit or to live there for good, here’s what makes the country different from Australia, US, and Asia.


UK and Australia

One of the most notable differences between the British and Australians is that the former spend most of their time indoors, while the latter are people of the outdoors. Since Australia has a sunnier weather than the UK, people tend to participate more in sports and exploring the great outdoors.

Because the British are more of the “indoor types,” watching the telly is a favourite past time among them. From the X Factor to celebrity styles, the locals follow TV programmes religiously and discuss them with each other afterwards. They also love going to the movies.

In terms of general lifestyle, Australians are significantly more laid-back than their British counterparts. Sydney, in particular, exudes a more relaxed attitude than London.

UK and US

Even if you learn to speak English fluently, you’ll realise that the UK and US are quite different from each other even if they share the same language. For starters, you may say one thing in the UK but it would mean an entirely different thing in the US, like football and soccer, for instance.

convictnationalismThe Americans are much more open than their British counterparts. Most of them have no qualms about discussing private things, even among mere acquaintances. In Britain, the people would generally shy away from such conversations because they feel that it is rather personal or intrusive to do so. The British are known for their dry sense of humour, while the Americans are less dry and sarcastic.

One of the biggest cultural differences between Britain and America is the custom of tipping. In the UK, it is not customary because more often than not, the service charge is included in the final bill. In the US, on the other hand, not tipping your server is considered very rude. Even if the service is poor, Americans will still tip their servers.

UK and Asia

There are so many cultural differences between UK and Asia one doesn’t know where to start. One of the most notable ones is how they express their opinion. While the British may be more reserved than the Americans, they don’t shy away from expressing their opinions. They often do it in a straight and candid way. Whereas Asians, in general, may refrain from expressing what they think to avoid conflict or being misunderstood, especially those that don’t go to an English language school.

Like most Europeans, individualism is important for many British people. Asians, on the other hand, tend to be more collective and they pride themselves on being part of a group or community.