Basic English/英文基础课程

Basic English Course

Living in Singapore is challenging when your English skills are not well-developed. It is difficult to enjoy yourself when you are not able to understand English It can be very frustrating when you are not able to communicate well with others.

People come to Singapore from so many places – China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand. No matter where they come from, if they want to get the most out of living in Singapore, they must have the ability to live and work in an English language environment.

Basic English Course – Not Just “Basic”

We call this our basic English course, but do not let the name fool you. This course is designed to make your life in Singapore much, much easier. This course focuses on giving you all of the basics you need to live, work and play. There are so many situations here where communicating in English is helpful, and many situations where English language skills are a necessity. You can excel at English surprisingly fast. All you have to do is start with these lessons.


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A group of Intermediate Term 3 students from Malaysia decided to share their learning journey with us.



Start At The Beginning – Basic English Course

The first step you take is the most important on any journey. The people around you who speak perfect English started at the beginning too. Just like them, you can take the first step towards mastering English now. Even if you only understand little English, the instructors at English Express can still help you improve your language ability.
The Basic English Course from English Express covers everything you need to build a good foundation, including:

  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Conversation
  • Understanding


Our courses help students from many different countries, including:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
The Benefits

This course is designed to give you the best education at an affordable cost. Some of the benefits of the class include:

Making Sure You Are In The Right Place

When a class is too difficult, it makes it impossible for you to learn. You may have gotten stuck at a certain level with your English because you have not had lessons that were the right fit for you. At English Express, we always make sure you are placed in the right level. We want each class to be a learning challenge for you, yet be a comfortable setting for you to learn well in.

Classes Designed For Learning

To learn quickly and well, you need personalised instructions. In the Basic English Course, there are only a maximum of eight students in each class. There will be plenty of opportunity for you in each class to practise and perfect your language skills.

Free Placement Test

English Express has a placement test designed to make sure that you are in the right class. Our test allows us to place your English abilities at the right level. Don't worry, though. There is no failing in this test! It is only to help us assess your level, so as to help you learn better. No matter how poor you think your English is, we have classes that will help you improve.

Beginner 1

This course is suitable for those who have not learned English before

Beginner Term 1

Topic 1 Hello!


  • I'm Pablo, My name's Judy.
  • What's your name?

This is...

  • This is Ben
  • Nice to meet you
Topic 2 Your World!


  • He's from the United States.
  • Her name's Karima
  • They're on holiday


  • What's his name?
  • Where's she from?
Topic 3 All About you!


  • We're all singers.
  • Negatives 
    • She isn't a nurse
    • I'm not from Scotland
    • They aren't builders


  • What's her address?
  • How old is she?
  • Is she married?

Short Answer

  • Yes, she is / No, she isn't
Topic 4 Family and friends!

Processive adjectives

  • my,your,our,their


  • Annie's husband Jim's office


  • I have a small hotel. she has a job
  • We have three sons.

Adjective + noun

  • a small hotel a big house a good job?
Topic 5 The way I live!

Present Simple I/you/we/they

  • I like ice-cream. I don't like tennis.
  • Do you like football?
  • Where do you work?
  • Do you live in Dundee?
  • In Brazil they speak Portugese.

a and an

  • a waiter, an actor, an Italian restaurant


  • an American car Spanish oranges
Beginner 2

This course is suitable for those who have not learned English before

Beginner Term 2

Topic 1 Everyday

Present Simple he/she

  • He gets up at 6:00
  • He has lunch in his office.
  • She lives in a small house.

Questions and negatives

  • What time does he have breakfast?
  • He doesn't live in London

Adverbs of frequency

  • he always works late.
  • He never goes out.
Topic 2 My favourites

Question words

  • who, where, why, how


  • Subject/Object/Possessive
  • I/me/my we/us/our they/them/their

this and that

  • I like this wine. Who's that?
Topic 3 Where I live

There is/are...

  • There's an old sofa.


  • Subject/Object/Possessive
  • I/me/my we/us/our they/them/their

this and that

  • I like this wine. Who's that?
Topic 4 Times past

was/were born

  • Where were you born?
  • I was born in 1996

Past Simple - Irregular verbs

  • Went, came, saw
  • She went shopping.
Topic 5 We had a great time!

Past Simple - regular and irregular

  • played, got, watched, did


  • What did you do?
  • Did you go out?


  • They didn't go to work.


  • I went to Rome ten years ago.
Beginner 3

This course is suitable for those who have not learned English before

Beginner Term 3

Topic 1 I can do that!


  • He can speak French. I can't draw.
  • Can she run fast?


  • I can cook a little bit. I can't cook at all.
  • Really well, fluently

Requests and offers

  • Can you tell me the time? Can I help you?
Topic 2 Please and thank you

I'd like

  • I'd like some ham
  • How much would you like?

Some and any

  • I'd like some cheese
  • Do you have any chilli?

I don't have any apple juice.

Like and would like

  • I like Coke
  • I'm going to the cinema
  • I'd like to go out.
Topic 3 Here and now

Present Continuous

  • She's wearing a t-shirt
  • What's he doing?

Present simple and continuous

  • He lives in London
  • They're staying in a hotel
Topic 4 It's time to go!

Future plan

  • They're going on a holiday
  • which countries are you going to visit?
  • I'm leaving on Tuesday
  • What are you doing this evening?

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